Description of the POLAMI program

POLAMI is a long-term program to monitor the polarimetric properties (Stokes I, Q, U, and V) of a sample of around 40 bright active galactic nuclei (AGN) at 3.5 and 1.3 millimeter wavelengths with the IRAM 30m Telescope near Granada, Spain. The program has been kept running since October 2006 and it currently time samples with a goal cadence of ~2 weeks. The XPOL polarimetric observing setup has been routinely used as described in Thum et al. (2008) since the start of the program.

Data obtained by the POLAMI collaboration are combined with other IRAM 30m projects approved by the IRAM program committee as well as other survey and target-of-opportunity projects, and the results are presented here. Therefore, the POLAMI database includes measurements of over 200 AGN. Most of these sources were observed in the single-epoch surveys published in Agudo et al. (2010; 2014).